Annual BMWBMW Summer Picnic at Summit Point

As everyone who attended can attest, the annual picnic at Summit Point this past Sunday was terrific! Thanks again to Jim and the rest of the gang who made it all happen. Thanks, too, to Nate Kern for stopping by in between his races to talk with us, describe what it’s like to race at Summit, and sign innumerable autographs. All in all, a great day.

To keep these memories fresh, here are some additional shots from the event. I’ll apologize in advance for those whose names I didn’t get (or have remembered wrong…)

Waiting for the parade laps:  An impressive collection of BMWs.

Check out these smiles!

The Legendary John and Jody!

The Legendary Nate Kern swaps lies with John.

Additional Nate Fans, complete with official “N8” t-shirts!

Tim (a.k.a. WiredCur) and __?__.

Here’s Tina, our Official BMW Girl!

And where there’s a BMW Girl, there must be a BMW Boy!

And, of course, no shortage of BMWs. This was the southwest contingent, representing maybe a sixth of the total…

The fence alongside Turn 8 was wall-to-wall BMWBMW members, all set to cheer for Great Nate.

And speaking of Turn 8 and Nate, here they are. Talk about skill (not to mention bravery!) Also … Nate appears not to realize that there’s nothing holding his rear wheel onto the bike!

The Sign o’ the Day!

Okay, while Nate “only” managed third place in his first race (against the 1-litre superbikes!!), he handily led from the very first lap in the next race (in his regular class).

After his second race, Nate reappeared to sign autographs for any number of appreciative (and smitten) young ladies.

In fact, here’s a collection of them, plus a couple of happy young guys, all sporting autographed Nate posters. (Hmmm, one of those kids is unusually tall for a 7-year-old…)

Meanwhile, under the tent, Uwe and eldest daughter enjoy their lunch.

The serving line was the most popular spot in town.

John and Barb rode all the way from Delaware to cheer Nate on and meet BMWBMW folks.

Matt and Heather (or was it Holley?): The on-track action made Matt yearn for his recently sold Yamaha R1, which he had taken to any number of track days at Summit Point and VIR.

El Presidente for Life, Mike Enloe, together with Mrs. and Mr. Uwe. (Somehow, with Mike’s boots and socks, it seemed like he should have been wearing a kilt!)

What, he’s back on the track for yet another race?? How many race miles does that poor BMW have on it? Note the incredible job Nate’s doing of hanging off, not to mention the knee-slider action. It’s a wonder he didn’t have to make pit stops to replace his knee pucks!

In fairness, there were some other racers out there, too. These guys are demonstrating impressive lean angles as they negotiate Turn 9.

We Turn 8 spectators got a graphic display of the perils of motorcycle racing, when one competitor experienced a slight rear-wheel slip, followed shortly by a slight over-correction, followed immediately by a terrifying high-side crash. He landed very hard, and his bike tumbled on for what seemed like forever. After a long period of no movement, the rider was able to stand on his own, thank goodness. But he’ll be stiff and sore for weeks, I suspect…

It seems that I wasn’t the only one taking pictures on Sunday. Here’s a Junior Photographer receiving valuable training.

And, finally, here is the Rare and Beautiful Kitty, who has at long last found a bike that she can 10-toe straddle! (Thanks again for letting me test ride your R1200GS on the way back to Catonsville. What a bike!!)

It was AGTHBA. Can we go back again this weekend??

Rick F.


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