BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Trip Reports

Vultures Got No Holiday Spirit!

Today’s ride was just a quick, 80-mile visit to a handful of back roads in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland that somehow I hadn’t previously ever ridden. Also, it served as a shake-down trip to make sure that my new Vario side cases were properly mounted and stayed in place. (They did.) Along the way, I saw attractive streams and ponds—and too many vultures…

In Search of Dirt…

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to try the R1200GS on some dirt and gravel roads. It’s performed superbly on pavement, but I was curious whether it would feel more “at home” on dirt than my F650CS did. So, I headed off to Frederick to ride a few favorite old back roads and to discover some new ones. Along the way, I met Per Olof—a true maestro of off-road riding.

Amish Trains?

Well, actually it was Amish farms in Lancaster County, PA, and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum near Strasburg! Like a number of others here, I had Friday off, it was a beautiful day, and I decided to take the new-to-me BMW R1200GS motorcycle on an excursion. Ride 15 in Great Roads, Great Rides by Glenn and Bard sounded appealing, so I headed off for the starting point in Towson, MD. From there, it was northward into Pennsylvania–and Amish country.