BMW Z4 Trip Reports

History, Lost and Found

There’s something very compelling about trying to track down remote bits of past history. Sometimes you find them and often they’re just gone. Any disappointment with failing to discover them is usually more than made up for through locating unexpected treasures. And you can always vow to try again another day. So it went with my recent return trip to Delaware.

Fort Delaware

“A man, a plan, a canal. Panama.”

I expect that many of you are familiar with this palindrome (a phrase that reads the same, forward or backward). After much experimentation, I discovered that substituting “Chesapeake & Delaware” for “Panama” no longer works as a palindrome. I’ll keep trying, since it would make a great title for this ride report… But for now, we’ll use “Fort Delaware.”

Mountain Climbing in West Virginia

With trips to Pennsylvania and Virginia under the Z4’s belt, it was time to tackle West Virginia. The historic town of Rowlesburg sounded like a good destination, based on the West Virginia Scenic Byways website. Combining the “Cheat River Tour” with a number of other spots that sounded intriguing, I had a plan.

A Rainy Excursion To Virginia

After the inaugural outing in my 2006 Z4 3.0i two weeks ago, I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to get back out in the wilderness for more touring. This past Sunday, despite an iffy weather outlook, I headed for Virginia and another of Dale Coyner’s Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians recommendations. As a result of some 4th of July partying the day (and night) before, I didn’t get as early a start as I normally shoot for, but soon enough I was heading for Route 211 to Sperryville, where my excursion would begin.

Heart of Pennsylvania

By way of introduction, I’m a fairly new Z4 owner having purchased a 2006 3.0i a month ago. It’s a replacement for my beloved BMW R1200GS motorcycle, which I can no longer ride due to medical reasons. I thoroughly enjoy touring back roads, looking for scenic spots and/or places of historical interest to enjoy, photograph, and write about. I’ve owned a lot of sports cars over the years, and I’m very impressed so far with the Z4. And I can think of it as a motorcycle with training wheels and a roll cage…