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  1. Victoria Garrett

    Loved the entire article – makes me want to study US history again – especially history of the Civil War.
    Had forgotten Lady Astor spoke her charming and humorous words to Winston Churchill.
    Your car is indeed magnificent! Thank you so much for all the research you did.
    Vicky Garrett

    1. Rick

      Hi Vicky!

      There are a lot of fun exchanges between Lady Astor and Winston Churchill, although they aren’t all necessarily true. Another of my favorites was when Churchill was going to go to a costume party and asked her what he should go as. Lady Astor reportedly said, “Why don’t you go sober?” She was a notorious teetotaler and supporter of prohibition.

      I hope you’re doing well and your concert plans are falling into place!



  2. David Lynch

    “Despite a broken bone in my left foot and a very dodgy right ankle” Heal well my friend! What did you do to yourself?

    Your SL is a wonderful steed! I truly enjoyed reading this travel episode. How many horses would it take to draw the portable steam engine? It looks massive! It’s a not-so-portable engine!

    I cherish old structures that have lasted through time. I appreciate you telling their history and the names of the wonderful people that were in their lives.

    And I truly appreciate you mentioning the sources you use to plan your trips. I wish I had those resources to plan travels here from my home base. I feel spoiled…a white ’22 Rubicon has joined our family.

    Stay well! I’m so pleased to see this story.

    Missausaga near YYZ

  3. Rick

    Hi Dave!

    Always good to hear from you. And I see that you’re continuing your rampage as a Serial Car Purchaser! I hope the new Jeep works well for you. It should be able to go anywhere in any conditions and climb just about anything (including large trees).

    As for my foot and ankle, mostly what I did to myself was to just grow old! In fairness, my ankle problem also reflects old basketball injuries. With luck, my upcoming ankle surgery will restore my ability to walk long distances, in which case I’ll be back to finding even more off-the-beaten-path places.

    As for the horse-drawn portable steam engine: Based on how spindly the wheels are, I’m guessing that it doesn’t weigh as much as it looks. I found a few pictures of Eclipse steam engines with towing bars attached, and they were the right length for two horses. Also, the power take-off wheels look to be a little over 6 feet from top to ground, so the engine isn’t huge.

    All the best,


  4. Clif Gaus

    Rick, this is an amazing one and so enjoyed. My family has been going to our Lake Anna house for 40 years and occasionally venture into this area but never could have imagined the depth of history and places you have documented. Can’t wait to visit some of the notables in your travel log. Thanks so much for enriching our knowledge, these are amazing. Clif Gaus

    1. Rick

      Hi Clif,

      Longtime no see! I hope you’re doing well, and I’m glad you enjoyed the trip report. Virginia is packed wall to wall with fascinating history and scenic beauty. I very much enjoyed my loop around Charlottesville, much of which was well off the beaten path.


  5. Shannon

    Thanks Rick, as always great pictures and writing. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us all.

    1. Rick

      Hi Shannon!

      You’re welcome, as always. I’m pleased that you enjoy the trip reports.

      Next up will be a report on touring Connecticut, back in June. All I have to do is find the photos…


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