Fall Color Pictures, Anyone?


Here are a few Fall Color pictures, from last weekend and earlier today. Hey, it’s pretty out there!  Naturally I found a few other sights as well.  Today’s ride, BTW, was from Catonsville to Emmitsburg, Maryland by back roads. I had a reasonably decent lunch at “Palms” in downtown Emmitsburg, and by chance I ran into a high school friend whom I hadn’t seen in roughly 38 years! (She runs the Pearl Art Gallery.)

I can’t pass by a ruin of any sort without stopping for a photo.

The BMW F650CS is a handsome and capable motorcycle.  I’m a little too tall for it, but it hauls me around just fine, even at highway speeds.  Moreover, it gets 65 mpg in the process and handles like a champ.  I selected this model when I got back into motorcycling after a 35-year layoff, in significant part because it has ABS brakes.  These are an incredible safety feature for motorcycles, particularly in the rain or on unexpectedly slippery surfaces.

I’m not sure what purpose these buildings used to serve, but they’re definitely scenic in a rustic sort of way.

Eventually I began seeing signs of Fall Colors–not to mention the occasional monumental church building.

I also saw several other BMWs, including a pair of electric blue R1150R’s (I think), going in opposite directions in Libertytown.  They went by too fast for pictures, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, back to the Fall Colors:

Notice the very low water level in this old farm pond.

Rolling countryside is always prettier than flat countryside.  And an old barn never hurts the composition.  Throw in some colorful trees, and you’re all set!

This fellow didn’t seem all that impressed by Fall Colors, but he did seem attracted to my camera.  (Or was it me?

Happy travels!

Rick F.


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