Written by Rick


  1. David Lynch

    Wonderful story!
    Your Merc served you well! Michelin Alpines….good thing.

    Your writing is fascinating. Researching and finding old photos must be a labour of love.

    Dave Lynch

    1. Rick

      Hi Dave!

      As you can see, even south of the Mason-Dixon Line we’re apt to have some snow in January. And the SL550 did do well.

      I enjoy finding the old photos and information about historical places almost as much as making the trip itself. It sometimes takes forever to track down a detail, but it’s great when you actually discover what you’re looking / hoping for. For example, identifying which of the buildings in the old photo of Accident, MD took some doing.

      Stay warm up there!


  2. David Lynch

    Lived in Maryland in 1957…unseasonably warm. Moved to Virginia. Snow tied up the whole DC area! My sled got lots of use.

    I’m glad the Alpines worked for you. Sent you an email.

    As a ski instructor I put 4 snows on cars. I still do. Your car looks beautiful! Even when it is snow and salt covered.

    It impresses me that your historical information is available. I’m not surprised it takes a lot of skill and work to find it. I remember how you helped me find the Leica factory in Midland. That was so special of you.

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