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For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures from a ride that I took a couple of weekends ago. Weather was virtually perfect, there was minimal traffic, and there were lots of interesting and/or scenic things to see. A smattering:

These sunflowers bordered the road for at least a quarter mile. And then they turned a corner and continued on until lost from sight!

Anyone looking for an aeronautical project? (Or is that a potential sidecar??)

The bridge over Great Seneca Creek at the Black Rock Mill was undergoing reconstruction, so the road was closed. It wasn’t enough to prevent two intrepid bicyclists from continuing their trip, however. This one decided to “take the high road” (and made it, I’m glad to say!)

The other one “took the low road.”

These ducks (geese?) (multi-hued ravens??) were quite happy on Little Seneca Lake.

Likewise, this fisherman seemed to have his technique well worked out.

Hmmm, this picture needs to have the modern houses in the background Photoshop’d out; then it would be fully idyllic.

One of the many scenic, inviting roads east of Damascus.

Let’s see: a motorcycle ride report wouldn’t be complete without a motorcycle! The CS parked at the intersection of Annapolis Rock Road and Hipsley Mill Road–both were well worth widing (I mean “riding”).

All in all, nothing special but a most relaxing, enjoyable trip.

Rick F.


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