Written by Rick


  1. David Lynch

    Outstanding images and your writing too.
    Turtle Rock made me smile!

    Your history is so wonderful told in your words.


    1. Rick

      Hi Dave!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the report. The trip was a lot of fun and full of fun surprises (e.g., finding the Rio Whale in addition to the Rio Turtle, and learning about that the sole injury in the Romney bridge collapse was “a broken leg, and it was a broken wooden leg”). Sometimes you have to laugh out loud!

      Have fun in the snow up there!


  2. Dave Lynch

    Thanks Rick. We have to travel north to get snow. Down by Lake Ontario there’s very little or none!
    Midland, on the other hand got about 18″ Christmas Eve. (That’s the town with the factory you helped me locate; the old Leica Factory where my M4P was made.)

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