Written by Rick


  1. David Lynch

    Outstanding images and your writing too.
    Turtle Rock made me smile!

    Your history is so wonderful told in your words.


    1. Rick

      Hi Dave!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the report. The trip was a lot of fun and full of fun surprises (e.g., finding the Rio Whale in addition to the Rio Turtle, and learning about that the sole injury in the Romney bridge collapse was “a broken leg, and it was a broken wooden leg”). Sometimes you have to laugh out loud!

      Have fun in the snow up there!


  2. Dave Lynch

    Thanks Rick. We have to travel north to get snow. Down by Lake Ontario there’s very little or none!
    Midland, on the other hand got about 18″ Christmas Eve. (That’s the town with the factory you helped me locate; the old Leica Factory where my M4P was made.)

  3. shannon

    Thanks Rick not sure how I missed this post. Great as always! I suspect Neil would have approved with the humming bird and all!

    1. Rick

      Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for your note! Neil would definitely have approved of the trip report on the basis of the humming bird alone. He loved all things avian. We once had a fun exchange regarding doves, which boiled down to the fact that they’re not the smartest birds you’ll ever find, but they are harmless and endearing.

      And Neil’s own blog 11 years ago about a nest with eggs, right outside his window, and how he watched over them carefully, was one of the most moving pieces he ever wrote. It wasn’t until near the end that you realized it was really a metaphor for the birth of his own little daughter, Olivia.

      There’s not a day that goes by without my missing Neil. He was an extraordinary fellow across so many dimensions.


      1. Shannon Peek

        Hi Rick I feel we were fortunate that Neil took the time to share his motorcycle adventures with us through his site as well as the books. I miss his humor that was evident in his writing. If he hadn’t become a “rock star” I suspect he would have been a college professor (a bit cranky at times) but a good one at that.

        Thanks to you as well for taking the time to share your travels through great writing and pictures. Its certainly a labor of love. I look forward to your next post.

  4. David Lynch

    Ersel Funk would be glad to see his mailbox displayed so beautifully! It’s truly a piece of art.

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