Still More Montgomery County Rustic Roads (and Streams…)


Today’s trip began with a visit to Bob’s BMW–to pick up my F650CS after its annual service and new tires. At Bob’s, I met Desiree and Mark, with their “hers & his” F650GS’s.

Both were very enthusiastic new motorcyclists, and Desiree had also visited the BMWBMW site a couple of times. I hope you guys find this page!

With suitable caution regarding the new tires (complete with stickers), I set off for western Montgomery County to finish off the “Map 2” rustic roads identified in the Montgomery County Rustic Roads Master Plan. (Well worth a look!)

On the way, I checked out the view from Brown’s Bridge over the Patuxtent River. The water level seemed quite low, but it was still scenic nonetheless.


At least there was enough water to support a bit of kayaking.

The MoCo rustic roads shown in “Map 1” are largely chronicled in two prior posts on this subject (see links below). For “Map 2,” I discovered an awful lot of new housing contruction in areas that used to be in the middle of nowhere. Not any more, sadly, but that’s progress…

If you look carefully among the trees, you can find the Howard family graveyard, an African American site dating back to the 1800s, along the side of Howard Chapel road. (I didn’t see any signs of a chapel, however.)

There’s a certain amount of beauty in the slow deterioration of rural America.

There’s also a lot of beauty in a relatively new BMW!

Towards the end of the excursion, I came across the “other” significant stream crossing in western Montgomery County: The ford through Bennett Creek on Prices Distillery Road. Compared to the one on West Baltimore Road, this one looked a lot deeper–but, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I putted on in fairly slowly, since I couldn’t see the bottom all the way across. It was easy for the first one-third of the crossing–and then it got a whole lot deeper! 😯

I started getting worried when my front tire was almost completely underwater, and I thought maybe the engine would die. It kept on plugging, however, and pulled me across just fine. Of course, I did have to put both feet down in a couple of places, and my boots filled totally up with water!

I stopped on the other side for some pictures (and to empty out a quart or two of water from each boot!) Here’s the faithful CS parked proudly after the crossing.

After crossing, I went back and did some reconnoitering on foot. (I know, I know…) In the following picture, you’re crossing either from left to right or vice-versa. The hot tip is to cross at the far end of the picture (which is the downstream end), where’s it’s relatively shallow all the way across. In the middle, where I went, I’m guessing the depth was a little over two feet.

All in all, it was a very fun time, and I recommend traveling these rustic roads before they’re totally urbanized, sanitized, and dullified!

Rick F.

PS–My prior posts on MoCo rustic roads are at:


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