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  1. Shannon

    Hi Rick thank you as always for sharing your travels and the history lesson! I am looking forward to the next adventure. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



    1. Rick


      You’re very welcome! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too.

      As for the next trip, I’m planning it now…


  2. David Lynch

    So much to see.

    “And let me conjure you, in the name of our common country; as you value your own sacred honor; as you respect the rights of humanity; as you regard the military & national character of America, to express your utmost horror & detestation of the man who wishes, under any specious pretences, to overturn the liberties of our country, & who wickedly attempts to open the flood gates of civil discord, & deluge our rising empire in blood.”

    ….reminded me of Jan 6th….and that made me sad.

    SAGE is fascinating. My Father was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington back then. I wonder if he saw this building. I wonder if he thought of H.M.S. Orion where he was Radar Officer on the Med. I wonder how he would appreciate the Infiniti Red S I had, which had radar and sonar. I thought of him often driving that car.

    We’ve had air scarfs on several Mercedes. The first one we drove from Toronah to the Cabot Trail visiting the Benoys along the way on Martin’s Island. That simple scarf is so good when the top is down. I think the season is a month longer or more….

    First SL was in ’76. They’ve changed a lot. They are much more capable than people know. The top used to be a bit hard to take off, but it made a good coffee table.

    Thanks so much for your tale. I truly enjoyed it. I appreciate all the details….you make it so much fun.

    And I remember two things you’ve told me vividly. the location of the Leica Factory in Midland….and how Washington DID install the marker I told you about in Arlington Virginia. I truly enjoyed living there.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you rick!

    1. Rick

      Hi Dave!

      I, too, thought of the parallels between January 6th and the Newburgh Conspiracy. A mob of disgruntled citizens invading the Capitol Building was plenty bad. The U.S. Army invading Congress would have been even worse!

      I remember your Dad’s book and all the adventures he had. Thanks again for giving me a copy. He exemplified public service at its best, as do the vast majority of today’s military service members (U.S. and Canadian, both). But the public still seems to take such service for granted, most of the time.

      Mercedes SL’s have a long history, going clear back to the early 1950s. I’m reminded of that history every time I get behind the wheel of my SL550—its hood has two longitudinal ridges the same as the 300SL. An interesting sign of progress is that the SL550 has 50% more horsepower than the 300SLR racing car that Stirling Moss used to win the Mille Miglia in 1955. It also has roughly 50% more cornering grip and much better braking. And, of course, all those options like AirScarf and soft-close doors that would have been wildly out of place on a racing car.

      Best wishes always, including a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  3. David Lynch

    ps An SL with 4 good snow tires makes a remarkable winter car! 🙂

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