To and From the Eastern Motor Racing Museum


As noted elsewhere, on Sunday I rode up to the Eastern Motor Racing Museum near York Springs, PA. On the way, I decided to get in touch with my early car-racing roots, so I stopped by the Lincoln Speedway near Abbottstown, PA. I once autocrossed my MG here back in my college days. The dirt track looked pretty much the same, other than a few new buildings and a lot of catch fencing.

On the way back from the museum on Latimore Valley Road, I ran across this junior version of Burnside’s Bridge –very similar architecture, but shorter and narrower, not as famous as the one at Antietam, but still in use!

In the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania is the aptly named Tape Worm Road. I didn’t get any pictures of it, but here’s a Google Maps shot of its many corners! All of them were fairly tight but with good visibility and no gravel, sand, etc. They were, however, still somewhat damp from the prior day’s Ernesto rains, so it was “easy does it.”

In Hanover, I found this Suzuki chained securely to a piller–but it looked like they needed a little extra chain to keep everything secure! (Also, there’s something strange about this bike beyond the missing engine. It’s so low to the ground that it couldn’t possibly go around a corner. Maybe it’s a former drag bike??)

And I thought only rabbits reproduced so rapidly! This haven for geese is at Long Arm Resevoir.

The trusty CS parked next to the creek feeding into the resevoir. Pretty spot!

An attractive little house in a pretty little setting, on Dr. Stitely Road.

A not-so-attractive and not-so-little house in another setting. The stories these buildings could tell! This house may be undergoing renovation, which would be nice. Although falling-down old buildings are scenic, it’s sad when they just disappear altogether over time.

Overall, a fun day of riding. it was about 165 miles roundtrip, coolish weather under overcast skies all day, and next to no traffic anywhere. If anyone’s interested in the specific route, just let me know.

Rick F.


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